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Community database

The Typosquatting Community Feed contains daily limited trial files that are filtered versions of the full files that include a subset of groups and, for enriched files, it is a subset of columns:

CSV structure

Field Description
group_number Ordinal number of the group within the given day (in case of daily subscription, within the file).
group_member_number Ordinal number of the domain within the group.
total_no_of_grp_members Number of group members within the group.
domain Domain name
domain_utf Domain name transcribed to Unicode; only for domains with national (non-English) characters.
registrant_country From the WHOIS record.
registrarName From the WHOIS record.
status From the WHOIS record; EPP status codes of the domain.
standardRegCreatedDate Registration datetime in standard format (see the comment at "createdDate").
standardRegExpiresDate Expiry datetime in standard format.
IPs A space-separated list of IPv4 addresses assigned to the domain according to a DNS lookup on the day or the day after the file date.

The above-cited groups are selected using "buzzwords" and include the first group, which has the buzzword as a substring in at least one domain name and hasn't been included along with a previous buzzword if it exists. Buzzwords typically are brand names and words popular in typosquatting like, e.g., settlement, bank, or support.