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Enriched database

The Enriched database is an add-on to the Basic database and contains WHOIS records for each row.


Data availability

Subscription type Description
Daily updates Are available normally at 8 p.m. the next day. Depending on the domain registration activity, up to 8 hours of delay is possible.
Weekly updates Weeks start on Sunday. The data files for the last week become available on Monday 8 p.m. UTC every week.
Monthly updates The data files for the last month are available on the second day of the month at 8 p.m. UTC.

Naming convention

Subscription type Description
Daily updates typosquatting.YYYY-MM-DD.daily.full.enriched.csv
Weekly updates typosquatting.YYYY-MM-DD.weekly.full.enriched.csv, where the date corresponds to a Sunday which is the last day whose data are included in the file; thus a week is considered to start with the previous Monday, end with the Sunday in the file name, and the file is published the next Monday after the date in the file name.
Monthly updates typosquatting.YYYY-MM-DD.monthly.full.enriched.csv, where the date corresponds to the first day of the next month, thus e.g. data for July 2020 are in the file typosquatting.2020-08-01.monthly.full.enriched.csv.

Note that the weekly and monthly data are derived from the concatenation of the respective daily data and the addition of the first field, the date.

CSV structure

The enriched data files are comma-separated value-files with quotation marks (") as text delimiters. Numeric fields are not delimited. The files use DOS/Windows-style line terminators (CR+LF). The first line is a header line with the field names.

Field Description
date The day when the group was detected (only in weekly and monthly files).
group_number Ordinal number of the group within the given day (in case of daily subscription, within the file).
group_member_number Ordinal number of the domain within the group.
total_no_of_grp_members Number of group members within the group.
domain Domain name
domain_utf Domain name transcribed to Unicode; only for domains with national (non-English) characters.
registrant_name From the WHOIS record.
registrant_organization From the WHOIS record.
registrant_country From the WHOIS record.
registrant_state From the WHOIS record.
registrant_city From the WHOIS record.
registrant_email From the WHOIS record.
registrarName From the WHOIS record.
registrarIANAID From the WHOIS record.
whoisServer The server the WHOIS record was obtained from.
nameServers From the WHOIS record.
status From the WHOIS record; EPP status codes of the domain.
createdDate Registration datetime from the WHOIS record. Note: the date in the WHOIS record may differ from the file date. The file date corresponds to the day when the domain appears as new in the DNS, i.e. starts to resolve. It may not be the same day as the date administered in the WHOIS record, which has no technical implication.
updatedDate Last update datetime from the WHOIS record.
expiresDate Expiry datetime from the WHOIS record.
standardRegCreatedDate Registration datetime in standard format (see the comment at "createdDate").
standardRegUpdatedDate Update datetime in standard format.
standardRegExpiresDate Expiry datetime in standard format.
IPs A space-separated list of IPv4 addresses assigned to the domain according to a DNS lookup on the day or the day after the file date.